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Treating Your Skin Wisely

Treating Your Skin Wisely

Ophra Dan

Private publishing

ת. כניסה לקטלוג: 27-10-2019

ת. עדכון אחרון: 31-01-2020

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ז'אנרים: Care, Beauty, Health, Training

Treating Your Skin Wisely Step by Step - How to Heal Your Skin and Achieve Better Health If your facial skin is important to you - you can’t afford to miss this book. This unique book will save you a lot of money as well as heartache for years to come, with regard to unnecessary treatments and cosmetic products, which are unhelpful, inappropriate, or even damaging in the long run. This book gives you access to real information w hich is based on research - not marketing - in a structured, light and thorough way. Whether you suffer from teenage acne, old age acne, dry or sensitive and allergic skin, or whether you’d like to know what to do to prevent early aging of your facial skin -when you finish it, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s good for your skin, and you’ll be able to make informed decisions when choosing the products and professionals who will be treating it. Most of us relate to our skin as if it were separate from our body. We treat its exterior with the aid of cosmetic products or medical ointments produced by private companies. For four decades I too treated my skin this way, until I changed my profession from agronomist to cosmetician. Over the last decade of my work as a cosmetician, I’ve understood that our skin is nearly always the first to react to the problems inside our body, and heals only after these problems have been fully resolved. The true solution is in healing the body, and choosing treatments and cosmetic products that don’t hinder this process, and surely don’t harm it. True knowledge in the field of skin and cosmetics - well-based, objective, with no vested interests - does not reach us easily. It has to be searched for, using logical and critical thinking in order to choose the treatment and product that best suit us. This book gives you comprehensive knowledge of your skin treatment so that you may achieve the best understanding of the subject - doing so in a lightly flowing manner, and with no economic interests whatsoever due to the sponsoring of any cosmetics company. In this book, you’ll also receive a helpful guide to checking deficiencies in your personal nutrition, as well as a full list of vitamins, minerals and food groups, detailing how they influence us and which ones are specifically important for your skin.