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How to Raise Happy Kids

How to Raise Happy Kids

Vitaly Buchatsky

ּSelf Publishing‎

Catalog entry date: 30-04-2018

Last modification date: 19-05-2017

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Genres: עיון, פסיכולוגיה

Just randomly pick any page you want ☺ Shortly after Vitaly Buchatsky created the Facebook page: “How to Raise Happy Kids”, it quickly gained popularity and within six months over sixty thousand parents were actively following the page.
In less than a year Vitaly’s page had over a hundred thousand followers.
At the end of 2016 his book ‘How to Raise Happy Kids” was published and within a few months sold thousands of copies and became a bestseller in Israel.
The book “How to Raise Happy Kids” will guide you how to actualize your children’s uniqueness and fulfill their purposes and dreams, step by step, in a journey which includes sixty one chapters of advice and practical tools.
This book is a source of inspiration for parents, educators and anyone who works in the field of therapy and wants to learn more:
How to influence and lead your family as a parent.
How to dissolve resistances and motivate your children to take action.
How to help your children fulfill their dreams and goals.
How to create great relationships between your family members.
How to develop persistence and determination in children.